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Career opportunities include management and executive positions in resorts, municipal, provincial and federal governments and operating agencies, destination management and marketing organizations, events and conference management companies, and inbound tourism companies.

Additional opportunities exist for tourism educators in public and private post-secondary institutions, where a Masters degree is usually an occupational requirement. Combining prior tourism industry experience with the advanced level learning offered in the Masters program can significantly enhance assessment of an individual’s potential, develop career opportunities, and build networks of valuable industry contacts.

  • Hotel and resort - hotel, resorts, clubs, food and beverage, operations and facilities management.
  • Consulting - information technology, real estate development, consulting.
  • Tourism management - travel and tourism, transportation, culture and heritage, sports and recreation.
  • Event management - meeting/event planning, spa, fitness and health, sports events, event and venue management, special events.
  • Recreation and entertainment - casinos, museums, resorts, private homes/boats.
  • Other sectors and services - sales and marketing, human resources, education, finance, marketing.