Teaching the Unthinkable: The Holocaust and Children's Literature

Risky topics like war must be made understandable and accessible if young people are to engage in history, learn from it, and want to study more. Using her own books as examples, award-winning author, Kathy Kacer, will address the issue of how to explore the Holocaust and other sensitive topics with young people. A number of principles will be emphasized. Kathy is the child of Holocaust survivors and grew up listening to her parents’ stories. It is these stories of survival that impelled her to begin to write about this time in history for young people.

Kathy Kacer has written 30 books on the Second World War and the Holocaust, including The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser, Broken Strings, and Under the Iron Bridge. A winner of many awards, Kathy has written unforgettable stories inspired by real events. She teaches at the University of Toronto,
lectures in universities about teaching sensitive material to young people and speaks to children worldwide about her books.

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