Design Thinking Challenge: Exploring Adventure Tourism’s Current Exist

Design Thinking Challenge 2021 - Keynote Speakers: Exploring Adventure Tourism’s Current Existential Crisis

The 4th annual Royal Roads Design Thinking Challenge (RRDTC) showcases our 21st century model of learning and approach to change-making to undergraduate business students from across the country and the world by engaging their creativity and empathy with a wicked social challenge.

It is certain that COVID-19 has created an existential crisis for the adventure tourism industry. Most businesses in the sector have already lost an entire year of revenue, workers are unemployed, employee mental health impacts are large, and business futures are uncertain. It maybe another year or two until international borders are open and business is back to what could even be considered close to normal.

Join presenter Ross Cloutier, the Executive Director Helicat Canada as he explore what makes a successful adventure business? What are the challenges? Where do we go from here? What are the true impacts of COVID-19? While these are complex questions, their understanding is what enables accurate business strategy.

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