Bold Organizations Mobilizing for the Climate Emergency

Bold Organizations Mobilizing for the Climate Emergency is the first session in our Leading in Extraordinary Times 2021 webinar series.

The year 2020 was defined by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Yet, the climate crisis poses an ongoing existential threat of greater magnitude in that, as Dr. Robin Cox of the Resilience by Design lab states, “there is no vaccine for climate change.” Just as the pandemic exacerbates the fractures inherent to our socio-economic systems, so too does the impact of climate change. What will it take for us to collectively recognize and address the climate emergency? How are Indigenous communities leading the way? How can we advance existing social, environmental, and economic innovations that account for the reality of finite resources and the effects of a changing climate? Courageous leaders are needed to reimagine the very culture of our organizations, the norms we live by, and what we understand a good life to be.

Hosted by RRU’s School of Leadership, Executive Leadership specialization, this webinar showcases how and why leadership matters when bold organizations are mobilizing for the climate emergency.

These extraordinary times are still calling for our leadership. Let's continue to rise to the challenge.

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