“RRU made me feel like an absolute winner; a drastic change of my self-perception ”

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Wade Pinhorn, MALAT graduate

Wade M Pinhorn

MA in Learning and Technology


“...Completing a degree at this level was monumental for me”

“In order to gain access to advanced employment opportunities within the academic world, I chose the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology degree at Royal Roads University. I chose RRU because of their international reputation, flexible admissions process, and the program options that fit my learning requirements. It had been decades since I began my undergraduate degree. Personal circumstances had prevented me from completing it, and this caused me to feel that I’d failed in the academic world. 

I began my program at RRU at 54 years old, and hoped to gain a recognized academic credential that could help me qualify for advanced positions in my college and provide an improved classroom environment for my students.

The cohort learning model connected me with like-minded learners from across the country, and was a great community learning experience. The online delivery of the program enabled me to complete the program around my schedule, assisted by instructors who were extremely organized and familiar with the high-level technology.

I’m forever grateful for the experience and opportunities I found through RRU, and the drastic changes to my self-perception. RRU, and the MALAT program, helped me feel like an absolute winner.”

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