“Royal Roads is a community where you truly have a say in your education”

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Kathryn Thompson

Kathryn Thompson

MA in Professional Communication


“The blended learning model allowed me to apply the program concepts to my current position”

“The Royal Roads experience gave me the confidence to unleash my creative side, something that was hidden until now. I started this program with the expectation of advancing my career in marketing and communications, but as a result of the opportunity to pursue a thesis project that enabled me to tap into two of my personal passions, travel and photography, I am now in the process of reevaluating my career direction. To me, this is what a master’s program should do. It should tip everything you think you know on its head and make you reevaluate your professional and personal goals to fully realize growth. 

I wanted to take a risk and challenge myself professionally and personally, so I conducted a visual ethnography in a remote region in the Philippines. This journey allowed me to learn and widen my perspective, gain a broader worldview, and embrace new cultures. It allowed me to hone my photography skills and pushed me to be innovative and creative. The MA in Professional Communication program and the Royal Roads experience are invaluable.”

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