“My time here at RRU has been invaluable.”

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Nicole Auser, BA in Professional Communication Student

Nicole Auser

BA in Professional Communication


“My time here at RRU has been invaluable.”

“To move up the career ladder and to the rung of supervisor or manager, a degree was an absolute necessity. I heard about the BA in Professional Communication from colleagues who’d attended RRU and I liked, as a parent, the program’s compressed, one-year format. I was also intrigued by RRU’s flexible admission process – where other universities required a diploma, something I didn’t have, this school judged my application on several factors, including certificate-level education, letters of recommendation, a resume and an entrance exam.

If you’re thinking about enrolling in this program, all I can say is go ahead and do it. Aside from the knowledge you’ll gain and experiences you’ll have, RRU will facilitate an incredible amount of personal growth – I know I’ve changed a great deal since the start of my degree, and my time here has been invaluable. In a competitive job market, the BA in Professional Communication program has shaped me into a more qualified candidate and I believe now, with a degree in hand, that I’ll have more opportunities to advance my career.”

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