“The instructors were fantastic guides into an academic experience that went beyond my expectations.”

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Raymond Monteith

Raymond G Monteith

MA in Disaster and Emergency Management


“I acquired research and writing skills that enable me to remain current with emerging trends.”

“I had high expectations for the Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management (MADEM) program at Royal Roads University: I expected to be challenged and stretched beyond what was familiar to me; to learn more than what I could find in a textbook or journal article; to leave RRU with new knowledge and experiences that would elevate me; and I expected that placing an MA after my signature would make a difference to me personally and professionally.

My actual experience in the program went beyond my expectations. I met and worked with dedicated and committed students in several cohorts; I met a truly amazing team of educators, each adding immeasurably to the quality and value of my experience at RRU; I learnt about my abilities and capacity for learning and adapting to change; and I know, without a doubt, that those two letters after my signature have made a significant difference to my career. Suffice to say, my experience at RRU exceeded any and all of my expectations.

I now have friendships, colleagues, knowledge, experiences, a sense of accomplishment, an advanced academic credential, and a career position that I would not have had outside of the MADEM program.”

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