“I now find myself reflecting more and making better choices when in difficult situations”

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Gayle Bedard

Gayle Bedard

MA in Conflict Analysis and Management


“I learned much about self-awareness, beyond just cultural identity”

“I have worked in education for 28 years, and government for three years. Regardless of where I worked, I witnessed interpersonal, intrapersonal, intergroup, and intragroup conflict. I wanted to effectively manage conflict by developing a deeper understanding of the root causes.

In your personal life or field of work, you will encounter conflict because of human interactions. The RRU program provides in-depth insight to potential causes, and through self-reflection, conflict analysis, and various strategies and techniques you can confidently address the challenges.

To be an effective leader it is important to address conflict, ensuring all employees feel their voices are heard and their contributions are valued. The Conflict Analysis and Management program provides a deeper understanding of conflict theory, and the skills to look for the root causes of conflict to find leverage points for positive and effective change.

The biggest impact, personally and professionally, is that I now see relationships, interactions, and conflicts differently. The theory taught by the instructors – the simulated experiences and many models learned to deal with complex conflict situations – combined with the practical tools of mediation and negotiation, have provided me with the knowledge and skills to effectively address conflict situations in the future.”

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