“I definitely see a bright future for myself.”

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Apurba Joshi MGM Student

Apurba Joshi

Master of Global Management


“I definitely see a bright future for myself.”

“The Master of Global Management program at Royal Roads University is unique in that it takes a worldwide approach to the traditional MBA program. Instead of just studying business in a localized region or country, this curriculum covers the entire globe. Having completed my undergrad in India, my experience at RRU completely surpassed my expectations: there, we learned from books; here, we learn from shared experiences and real-life situations. RRU’s unique cohort structure shows students the importance of teambuilding. And while learning how to develop trust and how build a rapport aren’t skills normally taught in schools, they’re essential workplace tools. It’s clear that RRU’s number one goal is to fully prepare its students for the future.

I’d be lying if I said the beautiful campus wasn’t a major factor in why I was drawn to RRU. Located far from the hustle and noise of the city, the university grounds are quiet, peaceful and serene – a space that truly enriches the learning experience. Because of RRU, I feel like I can get into any industry I want. I definitely see a bright future for myself.” 

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