“I continued in academia because of the mentoring that took place at RRU.”

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Nick Stanger, MA Environmental Education & Communication

Nick Stanger

MA in Environmental Education and Communication


“The experience of my cohort provided insights my relatively few years might not have understood.”

“I chose to attend Royal Roads University because, at the time, it seemed to be the only university seriously engaging in meaningful environmental education through a cohort model, and had a reputation of being accepting of creative, zany and wild ideas.

I was literally up a tree when I figured out I wanted more education. I was researching forest canopy epiphytes for a forestry company on a very rural section of Vancouver Island when I had a realization that I needed a change. In fact, change was at the heart of the matter. I didn’t feel I was making effective change, and after working with a provincial land trust for a few years, I realized I wanted to engage in richer work that grounded me in the relationships among humans, Earth and natural systems.

RRU provided a whole education that engaged me in a number of skill-building and theoretical fields that helped me navigate academia with a systems-thinking approach. I imagine that as I pursue my academic career, my RRU education will stick out as a unique experience to my employers.”

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