“I am a changed person – for the better – since my first day on campus”

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Paul Jen

BA in Professional Communication


“Emotionally my cohort and the professors supported me; this is a safe space to learn”

"By the end of the first year of my two-year BA in Professional Communication program I was able to use the knowledge I’d acquired to adapt in both professional and personal settings. My portfolio has expanded greatly and has received many compliments from senior management.

There have been many personal changes, but the biggest has been the way I carry myself in day-to-day situations. I had the opportunity to be part of an exceptionally talented cohort, and because of their influence I am now able to see the world from a different perspective; beyond archaic values, materialism, and personal gains. I discovered what is important in life - and it’s not living in the most expensive house or wearing the best-tailored threads.

My advice to anyone considering the BA in Professional Communication program at Royal Roads is: go learn, live, and play. RRU made a huge impact on my life, and I’m happy to say I’m now a changed person since my first day on campus."

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