“Balancing work and family while attending a prestigious university was important to me”

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Derik Joseph

Derik Joseph

MA in Professional Communication


“I developed relevant skills and opened doors to multidisciplinary projects through my program”

“I have been in the educational system as a student as long as I have been an employee: completing a diploma, degree, and masters’ degree in seven years and working in the field of higher education for another seven years. This combination of learning and leading has provided me with fourteen years of experiential knowledge of higher learning, holistically and professionally. This has enabled me to bring knowledge into my workplace and demonstrate it within my projects. 

In 2014 I had the opportunity to present my thesis at the World Indigenous People Conference on Education (WIPCE). It was a life changing experience; surrounded by indigenous educators from around the world opened my eyes to globalization and my career choice within indigenous communication. On the day of my presentation, an assembly of Maori representatives shared their presentation. Not only did they speak on my theme, they performed a Haka dance at the end of their session, minutes before I presented my session on indigenous perspective. This was exactly why I was selected to share my presentation and displayed the heightened level of indigenous knowledge and respect for educational world perspective that I discovered through my program at Royal Roads University.”

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