“Absolutely everything we discussed in the program was relevant to my current role”

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Susie Colby, MA in Global Leadership

Susie Colby

MA in Global Leadership


“I have learned much from the diverse experience of my cohort”

“I was originally sceptical about studying online. In my work, I take great pains to conduct meetings in person when at all possible because I find communication and trust building much more effective, so I was pleased and surprised to discover the way the model works in the Master of Arts in Global Leadership at Royal Roads University. The instructors were helpful in leading us into new territory, and the opportunity to begin online, while anticipating we would have three weeks in residency together, worked well. Perhaps the slight distance or anonymity of being online allowed us to open up initially and overcome hesitation, such that by the time we arrived on campus we were primed to become a community.

The content of the courses was fascinating and the instructors were fabulous. I appreciated their expertise and enjoyed learning from them - thoughtful, knowledgeable people with lots of professional and personal experience that informed their instruction. Often in class I felt I was being given permission to learn and explore what I wanted to know, but wouldn’t take the time or have access to the same resources were I not enrolled in this program.”



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