Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

Bachelor of Commerce Royal Roads University

Bryn Knauf

Bachelor of Commerce

“Today, I look at business problems with a real-world entrepreneurial vision.”
Yvonne McSkimming, Doctor of Social Sciences

Yvonne McSkimming

Doctor of Social Sciences

“Every instructor was committed to supporting my educational needs.”

Stephanie Tombari

MA in Intercultural and International Communication

“The course in intercultural competence has helped me conduct comparative research with confidence”
Karan Wadhwani

Karan Wadhwani

Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management

“You really learn from others – gaining experience from their past and work ethics”
Chido Chinyani, BA in Global Tourism Management

Chido Chinyani

BA in Global Tourism Management

“The faculty is extremely committed to every student’s understanding and learning of the material”
David Maze, BA Interdisciplinary Studies

David Maze

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“The perspective gained working with students from across disciplines is second to none.”

Brenda Ridgeley-Ketchell

MA in Higher Education Administration and Leadership

“The residency created a community of learners all on the same path with the same goals”
Nicole Dahlen Graduate Certificate in Health Systems Leadership Alumni

Nicole Dahlen

Graduate Certificate in Health Systems Leadership

“I walked away from the experience a different person, inspired and more confident.”
Robin Beveridge, MA Environment & Management

Robin Beveridge

MA in Environment and Management

“RRU truly wants to provide students with the tools and conditions they need to succeed.”
Derik Joseph

Derik Joseph

MA in Professional Communication

“I developed relevant skills and opened doors to multidisciplinary projects through my program”

Thoralf Gran-Ruaz

Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce

“It was the perfect blend of learning for the stage of life that I was at. ”
Vanessa Higgins, MSc Environment & Management

Vanessa Higgins

MSc in Environment and Management

“My instructors were expressive, passionate, intelligent, and open to new ideas.”
Nygil Goggins, BSc Environmental Science

Nygil Goggins

BSc in Environmental Science

“The skills and knowledge I took away have been relevant both professionally and personally.”
Matthew Rosenthal, BA in Professional Communication

Matthew Rosenthal

BA in Professional Communication

“The Professional Communication program changed my life even before I graduated.”
Vanessa Thomas, MA Interdisciplinary Studies

Vanessa Thomas

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“When I talk about Royal Roads University, my eyes light up.”
Christine Bhopalsingh, Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching

Christine Bhopalsingh

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching

“True growth happens when you allow yourself to be vulnerable.”