Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

Nathan Phelan BA in Justice Studies

Nathan Phelan

BA in Justice Studies

“The program facilitates an environment of diversity that fosters unique and practical learning.”
Lana Gonzalez Balyk, MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding

Lana Gonzalez Balyk

MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding

“The program influenced my personal development, challenging me to think in new ways.”
Yvonne McSkimming, Doctor of Social Sciences

Yvonne McSkimming

Doctor of Social Sciences

“Every instructor was committed to supporting my educational needs.”
Rena Novotny

Rena Novotny

MA in Conflict Analysis and Management

“My program challenged me to develop conflict frameworks specific to special populations”

Shawn Reed

MA in Learning and Technology

“I have already been able to apply what I learned in the MALAT program.”
Nicol Suhr, MA Environmental Education & Communication

Nicol Suhr

MA in Environmental Education and Communication

“I developed a new worldview that is sustainable and personally fulfilling.”
Chelsea Smith, BA in Global Tourism Management

Chelsea Smith

BA in Global Tourism Management

“I wouldn’t be in the professional environment I am today without my educational background”

Brenda Ridgeley-Ketchell

MA in Higher Education Administration and Leadership

“The residency created a community of learners all on the same path with the same goals”
Kim Boulter - MA in Leadership

Kim Boulter

MA in Leadership

“The material covered was relevant and diverse, and offered new and interesting perspectives”
Pierce Cassidy, Master of Global Management Student

Pierce Cassidy

Master of Global Management

“My experience at RRU has been truly transformational and I am very excited for the journey ahead.”

Chantal Locke

MA in Educational Leadership and Management

“This program will help me develop the qualities to be an effective leader in the educational system.”
Pat Bourne, GC in Values-Based Leadership

Pat Bourne

Graduate Certificate in Values-Based Leadership

“I am going through this program and I won’t say I’m changed, but I say I’m different.”
Sukhdip Sidhu, MSc in Environmental Practice

Sukhdip Sidhu

MSc in Environmental Practice

“The online program gave me the ability to work at my own pace in my own space.”
James Hanson, Graduate Certificate in Project Management

James Hanson

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

“I quickly learned how little I actually knew about the art form that is Project Management.”
Jennifer Chernoff, BA Interdisciplinary Studies

Jennifer Chernoff

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“I was able to tailor my program to meet my needs, today and for the future.”
Michael Brookhart, MA Intercultural and International Communication

Michael Brookhart

MA in Intercultural and International Communication

“Royal Roads is a diverse learning environment full of history and culture.”