Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

Laurel Collins, MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding

Laurel Collins

MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding

“I am constantly using the skills and experience I gained in my program.”
David Maze, BA Interdisciplinary Studies

David Maze

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“The perspective gained working with students from across disciplines is second to none.”
Andrea Burk - MA in Leadership graduate

Andrea Burk

MA in Leadership

“...The blended learning model enabled me to work out a balanced schedule with my coach”
Elaine Mazurick, MA in Professional Communication

Elaine Mazurick

MA in Professional Communication

“The face-to-face connections in combination with the online platform are key to success at RRU.”

Sarah Dalzell

MA in Educational Leadership and Management

“I appreciated that this program was tailored to the teaching profession”
Amanda Mitchell, MA Environmental Practice

Amanda Mitchell

MA in Environmental Practice

“I learned just as much from my classmates and our interactions as I did from the professors.”
Nicol Suhr, MA Environmental Education & Communication

Nicol Suhr

MA in Environmental Education and Communication

“I developed a new worldview that is sustainable and personally fulfilling.”
Marc Albert Tassé, Master of Global Management Student

Marc Albert Tassé

Master of Global Management

“At RRU, every day is a life-changing experience.”

Denise Sabet

MA in Intercultural and International Communication

“The faculty remain important influencers in my professional and academic life”
John Whitehead

John Whitehead

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching

“I have already seen how mentioning the RRU name creates opportunities for discussion.”
Vanessa Bell, BSc Environmental Management

Vanessa Bell

BSc in Environmental Management

“The program's given me professional credibility, opening doors that would have otherwise been closed”
Laura Lee Langley

Laura Lee Langley

MA in Leadership

“As a mature learner, I enjoyed the energy, boldness, and fresh perspective of my classmates”
Michael Lickers, Doctor of Social Sciences

Michael Lickers

Doctor of Social Sciences

“Royal Roads University offers the opportunity to live your learning.”
Emma Swan

Emma Swan

MA in Human Security and Peace Building

“My instructors possess a love for education and contributing to the next generation of practitioners”
Daniele Lafrance, MSc Environmental Practice

Daniele Lafrance

MSc in Environmental Practice

“Working with students across time zones was challenging, but the online platform made it possible”
Michael Munro, Master of Global Management Student

Michael Munro

Master of Global Management

“The MGM program has awoken within me a dormant passion for learning.”