Executive Coaching Opportunities

Executive Coaching Opportunities

Invest in your future

Do you have a professional challenge that could use a fresh perspective?

Join our Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching students for a free executive coaching session in which they will coach you to uncover solutions to your professional challenge. Executive coaching is not counseling, it's a conversation between coach and coachee that encourages new ideas and perspectives.

During the coaching students' final residency they must coach someone from the business community they have never met, in front of a panel of  a faculty member and an alumni of the program, as an evaluation of their coaching skills. Each session is approximately one hour in length and includes an introduction to your coach, 30 minutes of coaching on your professional challenge and a 15 minute debrief with the faculty/alumni panel.

Conversation topics often include:

  • Managing workload
  • Employee retention
  • Taking your career to the next level
  • Balancing work and non-work priorities
  • Career transitions
  • Identifying and celebrating successes

What coachees are saying about their experience:

I appreciate what a tough challenge it is to meet a series of new people, try to establish a comfort zone, and in a "one-shot" situation provide them with some meaningful information.  Well, Jo-Ann certainly did that for me. Managing the session within those parameters, she zeroed in on one or two things and gave me some practical suggestions. 

My coaching conversation helped me to transform the way I was thinking about my workload and performance at work. I went into the appointment feeling so overwhelmed and my coach helped me to see what my strengths are and helped me see my challenge in a positive way. Thank you for the opportunity! 

After some reflection, my conversation with Becky underlined the importance of the value of what we do and how we do it. While we haven't yet achieved a solution to the revenue issue, the session did provide a better appreciation of our value, and what we're not prepared to do for revenue. We have to capitalize on our value to create greater financial reward. This is useful to move forward. Sometimes there is benefit in understanding rather than just hard solutions. Reflection is an important part of strategic management and takes time. It is not available within the short timeframe of the coaching session. Thank you and best wishes with the program. 

Bring your professional challenge to our students - gain new insights and help them to fulfill their goal of becoming a Certified Executive Coach.

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