Program Description

Royal Roads University Master of Business Administration in Executive Management

The MBA in Executive Management at Royal Roads University is designed for working professionals, by working professionals. The Royal Roads MBA gives you the solid foundation required to succeed in the business environment of both today and tomorrow. You’ll gain new skills and knowledge that you can begin applying immediately within your organization, and the confidence and networks necessary to move your career forward.

This 18-or 31-month program designed to provide the key skills necessary to be a successful manager and leader in any setting, including critical thinking, analysis, and communications. Delivered in a blended format, you’ll join a diverse cohort of mid-career learners from business, government and non-profits, sharing knowledge and tackling real-world problems through live case studies and team exercises.

The cohort model allows you to develop your professional networks and exposure, gain a broader understanding of key issues and see new opportunities that will expand your personal and professional horizons. Working together ensures that everyone contributes to and benefits from the program and the connections you create through our cohort environment form a powerful network of support you can turn to during your program and after graduation.

Who It's For

Royal Roads MBA program is designed for experienced professionals with a wide range of backgrounds in terms of education and employment. Our admissions process recognizes that your formal educational background is only one part of your story. If you have not completed an undergraduate degree or do not meet regular admissions criteria, our flexible admissions policy recognizes your years of work experience and training.

Our program is designed to help you successfully transition back to school and achieve academic success. For all students we offer optional preparatory classes in academic writing and accounting before our regular program, allowing you to build your confidence and skills as you prepare to embark on your MBA journey. 

The other students in the program will be just like you, juggling work, family life and other commitments. Our cohorts include students from a wide range of professional fields, employers and geographic locations. Students come from across Canada and around the world and work for large corporations, family businesses, government, the military, non-profits, and as independent consultants.

While students in the RRU MBA come in with a variety of educational and work backgrounds, one common characteristic of all our MBA students is that they all have significant work experience. Students are required to have at least seven years of work experience, and most have much more. The average age is 40, and our balanced cohort of male and female participants has on average 15 years of work experience. This depth of knowledge and experience enhances the learning environment, facilitating deeper discussion and analysis and application of course materials to issues faced on the job.

Team-Based Learning

The relationships developed within the cohort are a key reason we have very high completion rates for the program. While external pressures may make it difficult at times to complete coursework and continue in the program, the tight bonds and mutual support network created within the cohort will help you overcome your challenges and keep you moving forward to achieve success in the program and in your career.

One of the biggest benefits of this mixture of personal and professional experience is the opportunities created by developing your professional network. The rich diversity of participants allows you to build a wide network of contacts and develop new perspectives to advance within your current field or discover new opportunities. You can expand your network around the globe, finding access to resources outside of what your competition can discover. And that’s a great way to build your business and professional exposure. 

MBA RRU students report that they learn as much from their fellow students as they do from their professors, readings and other resources. 


In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to create an individualized learning experience that is intrinsically aligned with your personal career goals. The Royal Roads MBA offers a diverse range of specializations that align with professional certifications in fields such as management consultingleadership, coaching, project management, human resources, change management and social innovation, or allow you to explore business opportunities and cultures in Europe and Asia.

The specialization options allow you to obtain professional credentials and experience that will advance your career and allow you to achieve your personal goals, whether that is advancing in your current organization, moving to a new job or setting yourself up as an independent consultant.

Organizational Management Project

The Organizational Management Project (OMP) is the major integrative learning activity of the MBA Program, and offers a rich learning opportunity through the application of theory to a real-world situation. By applying theory to a real world-situation, completion of the OMP enhances the skills of the learner and provides a valuable contribution to the client or host organization.

More specifically, in the OMP, learners will examine a management problem, conduct academic and best case research, analyze options, and provide recommendations and a high-level implementation plan in a final report for the client or host organization. The management problem to be researched and analyzed is identified in collaboration with an organization. MBA learners may choose to conduct their OMP with an external organization, or it can be conducted within a learner’s own workplace provided the project is not related to the learner’s own position and does not involve his/her direct reports.  The MBA Program Office will also work with learners to identify potential projects with corporate or not-for-profit organizations that have indicated their interest in being involved with our program in this capacity.

The Benefit to Host Organization

A broad range of small, medium-sized, large and multinational clients and host organizations have benefited from the substantive, practically oriented management OMPs completed by learners from Royal Roads, including, for example, technology companies, resort operators, wholesale/retail operations, non-profit organizations, and municipal, provincial and federal government agencies.

Visit the Delivery Model page to understand the MBA 18- or 31-month program design. For more information about the program or how to apply, contact one of our Advisors.