International Business - Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Specialization

Trade and Investment with the Asia Pacific have been an essential component of national economic growth for over twenty years and is expected to continue to be a strong opportunity throughout the public and private sectors. Forward-thinking organizations are looking for leaders with direct experience and a relevant understanding of these diverse regions.

The Asia Pacific Trade and Investment specialization augments the strategic foundation of your MBA at Royal Roads University, enabling you to guide your organization through the complexities of overseas ventures. A comprehensive understanding of world markets and cultural awareness is essential to effective international business relationships, and this specialization provides comprehensive knowledge of business practices in the Asia Pacific region. Understanding current trends and predicting future developments are critical skills valued by individuals and companies interested in building their International Business expertise.

Who it’s for

This specialization is designed for students interested in understanding business practices in the Asia Pacific region through firsthand experience; globally focused, culturally aware leaders building awareness for the key regions, issues, and networks. This specialization is ideal for those new to the region as well as for those with more experience. Through a wide range of experiences and practical, applied learning, you will develop a robust understanding of the growing influence of Asia-based organizations and the increased flow of investment and talent to and from Asia.

Find out more about the core focus and logistics of the Asia Pacific Trade and Investment Specialization in this video hosted by MBA program head Charles Krusekopf:

This specialization is only available in the January intakes.