As a graduate, you'll have developed leadership and communication skills in systems thinking and sustainability in the context of environmental challenges from the local to the global. You'll have a solid knowledge of theory and practice of systems, sustainability and the understanding of the inter-relationships between human, social and ecological systems will be developed, as well as critical management concepts as they relate to environmental problems. You'll be prepared for a career that requires the knowledge, skills, competencies and applied approaches to find viable solutions to 21st-century challenges.

Our graduates advance in their careers, or are able to start new ones as a result of the program. Opportunities also arise as a direct result of research undertaken during the program. Recent alumni are now working in fields such as climate change, sustainability, wildlife management, natural resources management, environmental restoration, and remediation, to name a few. We have alumni whose careers have led to them achieving designations as Environmental Professionals, RP Bios, RP Agrologists, for example.