History of Royal Roads University and Canadian Forces

Royal Roads University is proud of its long history with Canadian Forces

by Shelley Langille, Director, Military Relations

What group of students at Royal Roads has a long history with the institution and a bright future? If you guessed Canadian Forces personnel, you are correct. This segment of the population is one of the top four sector groups at Royal Roads University that consistently bring unique skills to each cohort or program they participate in.

Royal Roads University is proud of its history with the Canadian Forces (CF) and Department of National Defence (DND), honouring not only our growing contingent of CF and DND students and alumni, but also recognizing the distinguished history of Royal Roads Military College. 

"Royal Roads has a rich heritage of leadership shaped during the 55 years this institution served Canada as the military training facility that became Royal Roads Military College. Royal Roads University continues to build on this tradition of leadership and excellence with a focus on delivering applied education for working professionals."

Dr. Allan Cahoon
RRU President and Vice Chancellor (past)

My appointment as Director, Military Relations, grants me the opportunity to be dedicated solely to enhancing the university’s relationship with all facets of the Canadian forces organization. Royal Roads University strives to better understand and respond to the needs of the CF and DND sector.  We continually review and implement programs and policies that ensure we continue to meet those needs.

To help with the CF/DND focus, I am joined by (Ret’d) Rear Admiral Russell Moore who is on contract and has been an invaluable wealth of knowledge.

My role is to support past, present and future students and provide resources to further the interests of the CF and DND within Royal Roads University. My duties include base Education Fair presence across the country (hope to see you there!) and regular visits to Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto to further relationships with the Canadian Defence Academy, Canadian Forces College, Air Force, Army, Navy and Reserves, among others.

Programs have unique synergies

Programs at Royal Roads University offer unique educational opportunities for members of the CF and DND that want to enhance their careers and meet the forces educational directives. From short Continuing Studies courses to executive education retreats through to leadership and management graduate and undergraduate degree programs, there is program that will fit your need at Royal Roads University. New programs in the areas of Disaster and Emergency Management and Leadership ensure continued alignment with the military sector.

Flexibility is a benefit

Royal Roads University's flexible admission policy may recognize the experience and various training programs obtained in the Canadian Forces as prerequisites towards our undergraduate and graduate degree programs. For more information please contact an Enrolment Advisor at 1.877.778.6227.

Royal Roads also has a flexible leave policy that will allow, without penalty, special leave requirements that may occurs should military a student be deployed while enrolled in an Royal Roads University program.

"As a national institution of higher learning, I believe we should be adopting and honouring our military legacy as an institution with 66 years of history – not just 11."

         Bob Skene
         RRU Chancellor (past)
         2003 - 2006
Royal Roads continues to work with the CF governing bodies to create and administer agreements that formally recognize specific military education and experience as pre-requisite requirements to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Plans are underway for a new dedicated CF/DND website. It will be a one-stop information portal for members of the CF and DND featuring:

  • for information about education programs
  • policies available through the Canadian forces
  • details about Royal Roads University programs
  • application information

Additionally, the site will provide information for RRMC and Royal Roads alumni such as Homecoming links and special event information.

Royal Roads University is proud of its record serving members of the Canadian Forces and Department of National Defence and I look forward to continuing and enhancing this tradition. If you have any recommendations on how we can improve our efforts in serving you and your members, please contact Military Relations at Royal Roads University at 250.391.2600, ext. 4119 or by email