Delivery Model

The Graduate Certificate in Values-Based Leadership (GCVBL) is offered in a blended format which means that the program combines on-campus residencies with distance learning. This allows working professionals to benefit from the synergy of on-site learning and direct interaction with peers and faculty members, while being able to meet workplace demands and other commitments. The result is accessible, high quality learning with minimal professional disruption.

The first blended segment includes VBLD510 and VBLD512, two courses with three credits each which are taken concurrently. The second blended segment consists of a third three-credit course with field project and which concludes with a four-day, face-to-face conference. Some offerings of the GCVBL may offer a virtual conference as an alternative.

Program Timelines, Methods and Resources

Students build a supportive learning community with their peers and facilitators by engaging in online team and group learning activities for the first five weeks. They also complete important readings during this time. The sixth is the on-campus residency (Monday to Saturday), followed by online learning in teams for another three weeks.

The second blended segment begins with nine weeks of online course work, a project, and a four-day wrap-up residency with some additional days given for project revisions and assessment.

A variety of learning resources and methods are used including published chapters and articles, values assessment instruments, case studies, interactive online learning, guest practitioners, video recordings, and online discussion forums for correspondence with colleagues and faculty in the program.


The first distance segment integrates two courses and represents approximately 15-20 hours per week, while the second distance segment will require 12-15 hours on average per week. Students can expect to work hard during the on-campus residency period. The normal classroom schedule is from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with some evening sessions. Homework, readings, and team meetings are done outside of these hours. In addition to the educational activities, there may be some planned recreational events.

Attendance at the on-campus residency and four-day wrap up conference is mandatory; however students are not required to live on campus.