Who It's For

Royal Roads Doctor of Business Administration Program

The DBA is for working professionals who aspire to be leaders in their fields and who wish to deepen their knowledge in a specialized area of management to contribute effectively to their organizations and fields. More specifically, the ideal candidate for this program will be an individual who has meaningful work experience, sufficient management knowledge, and skills evidenced by previous post-secondary education including a relevant master’s degree and who can devote significant time per week to his/her studies.

The DBA is equivalent to a full-time study given the integration of work-based experience and classroom study facilitated by the blended delivery model. Academics who do not have a doctorate and who hold positions in Canadian and international universities and colleges can also benefit from this program as the doctorate is a recognized credential for advancement in those positions.

Visit the Admissions page to learn more about the admissions requirements. If you have questions about the program, connect with one of our Enrolment Advisors.