Program Description

Royal Roads University Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration is a research-based doctoral program oriented to applied business management research designed primarily for working professionals who aspire to be leaders in their field or sector.

The DBA is a 60-credit program delivered through a combination of short intensive residencies and cohort-based online learning, so you are able to gain a doctoral degree without putting your career on hold. 

In this program, you will tackle a real-life management issue and contribute to the advancement of management research and practice. You'll join our community of management researchers whose research will impact management learning and practice in some or all of the following areas:

  1. Research & Development (R&D): R&D is fundamental to thriving societies and is the cornerstone of productivity and long-term economic prosperity.  In part, your research should respond to the need for high quality, rigorous, and impactful research devoted to the enhancement of innovative business practices and overall economic productivity with a particular focus on Canada’s place in the global world. 
  2. Management Practice: the DBA research focus is on the development of professional, sustainable, value-driven, and innovative management practices and leadership. Within this context, your research should produce relevant and actionable knowledge that bridges the gap between theory and practice. 
  3. Knowledge-Economy: your research will contribute to the advancement of the Canadian knowledge economy, fueled by business innovation, creativity, technology and knowledge transfer, productivity, and business integrity.
  4. Globalization: the DBA research contributes to the global advancement of management knowledge and promotes its transferability between nations and disciplines. In relation to this, your research could focus on global practices that include developed and developing world practices at the local, regional, and global levels.
  5. Sustainability: at Royal Roads University, sustainability is intrinsically linked to our teaching and research mandate. Your research could consider sustainability through a transdisciplinary lens that incorporates economic prosperity, social advancement, and environmental sustainability.

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