Learning Outcomes

The objectives of the DBA program are:       

  • to graduate scholar-practitioners who have the capacity to think critically, integrate theory and practice, and lead change;
  • to promote applied, scholarly, evidence-based, scientific, and practice-oriented research that contributes to the advancement of professional, sustainable, value-driven, and innovative management practices and leadership;
  • to graduate individuals who can independently develop original management-related research that informs both theory and practice;
  • to provide an advanced and rigorous program of study which is flexible enough to respond to current and changing needs of the Canadian knowledge economy, and simultaneously consider the resource-based nature of the economy;
  • to build a community of management researchers at RRU that is a part of a wider national and global community of researchers; and
  • to provide a vehicle for dialogues between RRU and industry practitioners to enhance collaborative co-production of useable knowledge.


Five competency domains form the base for all graduate and undergraduate learning outcomes for programs in the Faculty of Management:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Global Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Working with Others

In addition, DBA students will require graduates to develop four key competency domains (areas of demonstrated abilities), which will enable them to be critical thinkers, reflective practitioners, independent researchers, responsible leaders, and change agents. The four core competency domains are associated with the development of:

  1. a relevant and actionable knowledge base;
  2. applied research practice;
  3. professional and reflective experience;
  4. and responsible and professional leadership.

Visit the Delivery Model page to understand how the DBA program is structured. For more information about the program or how to apply, contact one of our Advisors.