Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Practice at Royal Roads University goes beyond the basics to build the skills, knowledge and next-level insight that you need for a constructive science- or technology-focused environmental career.  

To fully explore and implement sustainable decision-making for the environment, you need a balance of relevant interdisciplinary knowledge and real-world application. This approach is exercised throughout the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Practice curriculum, and especially in the final phase of the program where you select to complete either a 75-hour practicum or major research paper.

With this degree, you acquire more than a practical, workplace-ready environmental skillset grounded in critical thinking and theory – this program and the BA in Environmental Practice are the only undergraduate degrees in Canada delivered in partnership with ECO Canada.

Who It’s For

  • Individuals with 2+ years of post-secondary education including a minimum of 18 science credits, seeking to complete their undergraduate degree or enter the environmental sector with a career-focused, second degree
  • Professionals in the environmental sector with 2+ years of post-secondary education including a minimum of 18 science credits, seeking:
    • Environmental professional (EP) certification (this program fulfills the academic requirements)
    • Academic upgrading
    • Career development, including managerial qualifications

Designed for learners with a strong scientific background, this online program is well-suited to process-driven individuals interested in environmental regulation, remediation, sustainable energy management and more. By studying alongside and from a network of diverse peers, knowledge and critical thinking benefit significantly from the shared learning experience. Students entering this program have already completed a minimum of 60 credits or 2+ years of post-secondary education with at least 18 science credits. Learn more about this program's admission requirements.