Program Description

Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management

The Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management (BCom) is a fully integrated undergraduate business degree. The program is focused on enabling students to become successful value creators and difference-makers, be it in a start-up, aspiring venture, or in an established organization.

Underlying this focus is a commitment to advancing responsible, innovative, and sustainable business practices. At Royal Roads, you’ll learn how you can make a change in your life, your work, and your community.

The BCom program comprises years three and four of an undergraduate degree and is delivered as a 24-month online business program that includes three on-campus residencies. This delivery model enables you to accomplish your educational goals without putting your professional life on hold.

Who it’s for?

An immersive education program, the Bachelor of Commerce at Royal Roads is a business degree for committed, motivated learners: individuals who are tired of the status quo and want to enhance their career prospects and professional impact.

You’re curious, open-minded, engaged, and adaptable. You’re keen to help lead your current or new organization to greater success, to work with others to advance causes and pursuits that matter, or even launch your own venture.

In this program, you’ll be encouraged to explore new ideas and experiences that will both challenge and inspire you. The RRU BCom is designed to give you the confidence, skills, and insight to realize your potential and seize opportunities in the world around you. If you're hungry to learn, take action, grow, and make a difference, we want to hear from you.

Pathways into the program

At Royal Roads, we believe that you are more than your GPA. Your life and work experience count.

We offer two pathways into the BCom:

  1. Traditional pathway: you have a minimum of two years of full-time work experience and have completed the equivalent of two years (60 credits) of undergraduate studies with a B average.
  2. Professional pathway: if you’re like most of our BCom students, who bring a wealth of work and life experience but may lack the traditional academic background, you can apply based on a combination of your education, informal learning, and the real-world experiences, following Royal Roads Flexible Admission Policy.

If you’re interested in the BCom but aren’t sure if you qualify, contact our enrolment advisors to explore your options.

How it's designed and delivered?

We place a strong emphasis on both academic rigor and practical relevance. This means not only thinking and planning in the abstract but doing and implementing in real-world scenarios. In this uniquely designed program, you will be engaged in a deeply applied and experiential educational journey online and on campus. 

We've got the mentors, practical tools, and real-world experience to fuel your entrepreneurial aspirations and ambitions. Learn more about the program delivery model

Sneak peek into the BCom program

In May 2020, Royal Roads launched the Navigating Uncertainty webinar series to explore different ways of leading and managing that can help individuals, teams, and organizations navigate a disrupted world. In this series, BCom Program Head, Ross Porter, along with BCom associate faculty engage in thought-provoking discussions on entrepreneurialism, design thinking, and the world of work. Watch the Navigating Uncertainty webinar series to take a deeper dive into some of the key themes and experiences you will be exploring in the BCom program, and what it means to assume a more entrepreneurial approach to work and life.


Our graduates have the kinds of critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills that today's business environment and employers demand. Our BCom grads have gone on to launch an array of business and social ventures, drive change and innovation in companies large and small, and manage people, projects, and programs across a diversity of sectors and organizations. We pride ourselves in being deliberately different and offering educational outcomes that are highly prized in the marketplace.

Learn more about the admission requirements for the Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management program. 

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