Sevim Kebeli

Associate faculty

Leadership Studies

Sevim Kebeli has more than 10 years of experience as a scholar analyzing the cultures of imperialism and of anti-colonialist resistance, with a particular interest in the Middle East and the UK. She explores how colonialism, nationalism, modernization and globalization affect the ways in which we form our identities and communicate with and relate to one another.

Her research and teaching interests include critical race theory, gender and cultural studies, human rights, equity, diversity, belonging and inclusion, intercultural communication, community engagement and inclusive leadership.

Sevim has a strong background in literary studies and storytelling and believes in the power of storytelling for creating connections and mobilizing change. She is also interested in learning about Indigenous cultures and histories as well as decolonization, rematriation, indigenization and reconciliation processes.


Sevim draws on personal experience from working and living in Turkey, England, Germany, the United States and Canada to frame the way she studies and teaches culture, belonging and communication. She has experience in researching, designing and facilitating training curriculums, courses and workshops in belonging and inclusion, anti-racism awareness, bias and decolonization.

She has presented her work at many international conferences and published various book chapters and articles. She also contributes to various regional and international research projects and consults organizations on creating inclusive and equitable institutional strategic plans.


Certificate in Course Design

University of Victoria

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Near and Middle Eastern Studies

University of Washington, USA

Master of Arts in Turkish Literature

Bilkent University, Turkey

Bachelor of Arts in Turkish Language and Literature

Bogazici University, Turkey