Mother-daughter duo share convocation day and start new business

June 18, 2014
Calgary mother-daughter duo Carol Gray and Leah Wuitschik share convocation day at Royal Roads University

Two of Royal Roads’ newest graduates didn’t need to look far for career inspiration.

Carol Gray and Leah Wuitschik, a Calgary mother-daughter duo, cross the stage today at Royal Roads’ spring convocation ceremonies. Gray graduates with a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and Wuitschik graduates with a Master of Arts in Leadership.

Wuitschik followed her mother into a career in nursing and public health administration before pursuing graduate studies at Royal Roads. Ten years later, Gray then followed her daughter’s footsteps to Royal Roads.

Now they are on the same path, using their Royal Roads education and shared health sector backgrounds to launch a leadership consultancy.

“We knew we could complement each other in what we bring to the business. We love working with people and seeing what can come to be when people are fired up and enthusiastic about making changes for the better. And given our backgrounds in health care, we know there’s so much that can be improved upon,” says Gray.

Gray and Wuitschik approach leadership development and executive coaching with a focus on wellness not only for individual leaders, but for entire organizations.

“That’s a core component that Leah and I really value and we feel is missing to a large extent in leadership and in corporate or organizational cultures,” says Gray.

Cutting through bureaucracy and opening doors to allow people to move projects forward is part of Gray’s approach to organizational wellness. “Strong leadership attributes concern lifting others up, really supporting others to accomplish what they are capable of, and striving for new directions and making differences for people,” she says.

Gray and Wuitschik have a special interest in the challenges faced by women in leadership positions.

“There is a lot of pressure for women to have it all, but if you are moving toward having it all, then keeping focused on balance, and exploring the connection between yourself, wellness and leadership is really important,” says Wuitschik. “We want to help people to ask the question, ‘what do I want to leave behind?’ It’s especially important for women to reflect on that and to be intentional about their daily actions around their legacy.”

The pair’s Royal Roads experience sets the stage for the legacy they are building together.

“I have attended two other universities for two other degrees, and I have never experienced the support, the personal connections, the adult focus and the encouragement from any other university, says Gray. “Whenever I suggest people look into Royal Roads, I tell them they’ll never experience the kind of culture and environment in a university as they will at Royal Roads.”