Researcher cracks the code for working effectively with Gen Y

January 20, 2015
Raina Delisle
Carolin Rekar Munro

Generation Y. Millennials. Digital Natives. The Net Generation. Who are they? And why are we having difficulty managing them and keeping them in our companies? 

In her recently released book, Managing the New Generation: A practical guide for understanding and meeting workplace expectations of Generation Y, Royal Roads Prof. Carolin Rekar Munro answers these questions and offers a roadmap to navigate the uncultivated terrain of attracting, engaging and retaining employees born between 1981 and 2000, a.k.a. Gen Y.

“With their distinct perspective on the world, Gen Y has the ability to awaken us to the realities of our workplace – our practices, procedures, policies and norms that we take for granted and may no longer serve us well in the new economy,” says Rekar Munro, who has focused her research on the generation since 2008. She is now also exploring the next cohort of employees, Gen Z, today’s teenagers.

The book is written to help managers and business leaders harness the talents and skills of Gen Y and meet their needs and expectations in the workplace. Though interviews with hundreds of Gen Ys across North America, Rekar Munro gained a deep understanding of how they view and navigate the workplace. In her book, she shares her insights with readers through real-life examples alongside practical tips.

Highlights from Managing the New Generation include:

  • Shattering myths about Gen Y and getting to know who they really are.
  • Attracting Gen Y talent to companies by connecting with them in their communities.
  • Developing engaging training programs that stick.
  • Unlocking the secrets to awesome conversations with Gen Y.
  • Developing star Gen Y performers and offering them meaningful rewards.

“More than any other generation in history, Gen Y is coming into the workforce with more advanced academic credentials, greater technological competencies than their supervisors and higher expectations that they will be rewarded and accommodated,” says Rekar Munro. “If we are receptive, Gen Y can introduce us to a myriad of untapped possibilities that can transform the way we think about and lead our organizations.”

You can learn more about Rekar Munro’s work on her website. Managing the New Generation can be purchased on Amazon.