Online venture challenge puts business skills to work

August 21, 2018

What does it take to run a successful online business?

Royal Roads University Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management (BCom) students are learning it takes a whole lot of creativity, adaptability and ingenuity.

Six teams are putting their entrepreneurial knowledge and know-how to work as part of an Online Venture Challenge this month.

Each team has designed and launched an online business. The mission? Create a profitable business from the ground up in only 30 days. All profits are donated to charity.

“The venture challenge is about learning through doing,” says Ross Porter, BCom program head and assistant professor. “There’s nothing much more real than dreaming up and putting a venture out in the world for others to judge and interact with.”

Products on offer include protein cookies, handcrafted jewelry, crafts, artwork and wall decals, a cookbook, and symbolic pet adoption certificates.

“A third of these businesses pivoted before they even went live,” says School of Business Assoc. Prof. Geoff Archer. “They realized that the business ideas they envisioned would be really challenging to execute in four weeks. I think that’s great. Being flexible and learning from the marketplace is a huge part of the value in learning by doing.”

The six online stores will be open through September 2:

Whey 2 Good Cookies

Crafts for a Cause

Little Big Dreamers

Charms for Charity

Athletes Kitchen Playbook