New Grad Certificate in Science and Policy of Climate Change

February 4, 2020
Person standing on the edge of glacial meltwater

A new Graduate Certificate in Science and Policy of Climate Change, the first of its kind in Canada,  will enable students to identify climate solutions and take action to address the climate crisis. Launching in January 2021 and delivered online, the certificate can be taken as a stand-alone program or as credit toward a graduate-level program, such as the Royal Roads Master of Science or Master of Arts in Environmental Practice degree or other graduate programs at Royal Roads.

“Climate change and biodiversity loss are the grand challenges of today, and this program will provide our graduates with the skills and knowledge to tackle these problems and make a difference to our world,” says Prof. Leslie King. “Graduates of the program should be snapped up by employers in the current and future climate employment boom. The burgeoning jobs in the climate sector include a wide array of climate professionals leading the transition to a low carbon society.”

The one-year certificate is offered as part of the partnership between Royal Roads and the Environmental Careers Organization of Canada (ECO Canada), a non-profit organization that provides strategic human resource solutions for the environmental sector. The content in the certificate reflects the National Occupation Standards, a competency framework for various environmental areas of specialization, developed by ECO Canada.

The first two courses cover the science and impacts of climate change and climate policy and governance from local to global levels.  The third course, Climate Solutions is an experiential, hands-on course in which students will develop a project to address climate change with Indigenous governments or communities, non-governmental organizations, industry or government at any level.

 “Climate change awareness has grown exponentially, but far too often ends up being an exercise of shame and blame,” says Kevin Nilsen, CEO of ECO-Canada. “The best way to tackle the real challenge is to empower environmental professionals with knowledge and education that is focused on creating solutions from a competent workforce. This certificate is the first of its kind to do just that.”

The new graduate certificate will be offered in addition to the Master of ScienceMaster of Arts in Environmental PracticeBachelor of Science and Arts in Environmental Practice programs already available at Royal Roads. Contact Royal Roads for more information.