A message to Royal Roads University colleagues

March 20, 2020
Philip Steenkamp

We have come to the end of an extraordinary week. I extend my deep appreciation for your hard work to accomplish all that we have together. You’ve helped students move off campus and on to online platforms. You’ve helped them finish current terms and start new ones, pay tuition and get the support and information they need. You’ve kept our university running. You’ve also done critical work and thinking that will help everyone through this crisis.

All our Royal Roads teams are hard at work and I want you to hear this: all of you are doing incredible work. I am immensely proud to work with you all as we pull together for one common purpose: to make sure our students are well taken care of and our university is able to weather this uncommon set of circumstances.

Your collective expertise and willingness to go the extra mile has always inspired me. Now more than ever, as you all rise to this challenge, you embody the best of what teams can do when they row together.

As a community, we are experiencing uncertainty and anxiety in both our personal and professional lives. I commend each of you for your commitment to our university through this difficult time. I strongly encourage you to let us know if you need assistance, personally or professionally. We are here to support you, and my gratitude and respect for your work and resilience grows with each passing day.

Please take good care of yourselves, your families, friends and neighbours.

Thank you,