Cox: Youth are the climate leaders we need now

July 26, 2019

Royal Roads University Prof. Robin Cox’s July 25 op-ed in the National Observer, “Why youth need to be part of climate emergency leadership now”, urges the world’s climate experts and political leaders to put youth at the centre of decision-making on the climate crisis.

Cox, director of the ResiliencebyDesign (RbD) Research Innovation Lab, argues that involving young people in leadership is essential for long-term adaptation, resilience and solutions.

Here is an excerpt from the op-ed:

The world’s youth, led by activists such as 16-year-old Greta Thunberg of Sweden, have risen up to demand immediate action. But what action is occurring often disregards young people at every level. While their voices may have reached media networks, the power of their collective talent has not been fully harnessed. It is imperative we act now to integrate youth into climate emergency leadership, and the work of adapting to the climate crisis.

At the ResiliencebyDesign Research Innovation Lab at Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C., our work addresses how to do exactly that. Our projects engage youth in climate action using art-based methods to increase awareness, actions and coping strategies. The outcome is a powerful social approach that helps youth explore and grapple with the harsh realities of the future.

Read the entire article in the National Observer.