Book calls for global response to refugee/migration crisis

April 13, 2018
Ken Christie

Human Security and Peacebuilding Prof. Ken Christie has published a book in response to the refugee and migration crisis in the Mediterranean and Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Migration, Refugees and Human Security in the Mediterranean and MENA, co-edited by Marion Boulby, was published by Palgrave Macmillan last month and includes chapters written by Assoc. Prof. Kathleen Manion and associate faculty members Robert Hanlon and Stephanie Perham.

The book explores the human security implications for migrants and refugees in the region. 

Following the 2010/11 Arab Spring, the number of people fleeing conflict, economic volatility and political persecution has increased drastically, affecting countries the world over, Christie says.

“We thought there is a real need to get some scholarly and academic work done on this and talk about what’s causing these levels of migrants and refugees, what the responses are and what the policy is.”

Manion contributed a chapter on children and youth refugees. She says the international community has a responsibility to step in to protect refugees when their states can’t. That’s especially true for refugee children, who make up half of the 22.5 million refugees around the world, she says.

The graphic images of children bearing the brunt of the violence have galvanized public and international support, she says.

“With a focus on leveraging that public attention for impactful action, this chapter explores both the vulnerabilities and the ways in which protective factors can be bolstered to support children’s immediate and ongoing wellbeing.”

Hanlon wrote a chapter on human trafficking, a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on marginalized and vulnerable populations, driven largely by situations of armed conflict.

“Many of those trafficked find precarious work within the private sector,” he says. “Yet, companies might not realize they have a human trafficking problem within their operations, bringing serious risk to the firm.”

He hopes his article provides business with the tools they need to implement a pragmatic corporate human rights policy. 

Christie says the book argues the European Union should mobilize its economic, political and social resources to deal with the crisis.

“This is a global issue,” he says. “It demands a global response.”

Migration, Refugees and Human Security in the Mediterranean and MENA is available through Palgrave Macmillan.