Veletsianos on COVID-19 and resilient education systems

March 12, 2020
The Conversation
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School of Education and Technology Prof. George Veletsianos’ co-authored article with Royal Roads University post-doctoral fellow Shandell Houlden about online post-secondary learning and resilient education systems was published by The Conversation.

Here is an excerpt:

In light of rising concerns about the spread of COVID-19 and calls to contain the virus, a growing number of post-secondary institutions have shut down in-person classes. The virus has revealed vulnerabilities in post-secondary systems around the world. It is now clear that society needs flexible and resilient education systems as we face unpredictable futures.

People in the educational technology industry, which produces everything from online learning software to tools that track the productivity of students, believe they’re poised to help tackle challenges.

But many educators have doubts given what some see as problems evolving from the use of technology in teaching and learning — everything from using technology for student surveillance to the impact of using it to bundle pricey textbooks with software. Ethical concerns are especially troublesome.

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