Rekar-Munro: Implications of aging construction workers

August 16, 2016
CFAX 1070
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School of Business Prof. Carolin Rekar-Munro was interviewed by Terry Moore on CFAX 1070 about older construction workers remaining in the workforce past their prime and the implications for the employer, the employee and the project.

Here’s an excerpt:

“We’re looking at quite a boom and the industry watchers are saying the demand is just so high for constructions workers given the number of projects we have underway, and Langford being one of the highest areas for construction, yet we’re not looking at the other issue in terms of the number of construction workers that are needed,” says Rekar-Munro. “Because the demand is so high and we don’t have the supply in place, we are drawing from other locations, but more importantly there’s the expectation that older workers who have the experience, who have the wisdom will stay with us longer in the workplace. But, as they move into their 50s and their 60s, we’re seeing that there are some significant implications that carry financial implications for the employer. We know that most construction workers are in what we call a ‘hang-on-tight’ mode which means many of them, as high as 75 per cent, do not feel prepared for their retirement, so they stay by necessity in the workforce.”

Listen to the full interview starting at 7:30 in the podcast.