Prasad: Third parties complicit in silencing sex-based harassment complaints

October 10, 2018
Canadian HR Reporter
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A study by Ash Prasad, School of Business associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Innovative Organizational Practice, has found that colleagues, supervisors and human resources staff routinely delegitimize and silence sexual harassment claims filed at UK business schools.

 As a result, victims felt demoralized, causing them to disengage from work.

Here’s an excerpt from an article on the study, published in the Canadian HR Reporter.

“This is a cause for huge amounts of turnover because reluctant acquiescence doesn’t make the problem go away; in fact, a lot of times, these victims are as upset with the perpetrators as they are with the individuals who they feel silenced by because, at the end of day, it very much is a matter that they weren’t trusted that this actually occurred,” Prasad says.

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