MAIS student on truckers' trauma

January 16, 2020
CBC Saskatchewan, CBC The Afternoon Edition, Global News
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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies student Morgan Beaudry was featured by Global News, CBC News Saskatchewan and on The Afternoon Edition. Her research explores the mental health effects on truck drivers who have been involved in or witnessed a fatal traffic accident. Beaudry has mounted an exhibit on her research at the Regina Public Library.

Here is an excerpt:

Beaudry said she thinks truck drivers don't feel the general public understands how profoundly affected the drivers are from accidents. Instead, they are often only mentioned in the media to say if they were injured or not, she said.

“They're an invisible workforce,” Beaudry said. “They don't have a uniform so they could be standing behind us at the bank machine, sitting next to us in the movie theater.”

The trucking industry doesn't have a large place in popular media or films, and when truck drivers do appear, the representations tend to be highly negative and stereotypical, she said. 

The exhibit aims to help break the stereotypes.

"It allows the people taking part in the research to speak for themselves using photographs and using their own personal stories," Beaudry said.

"Putting it out publicly allows their voice to be heard by policymakers, by people in the caring professions, that would benefit from knowing how personal and professional tragedy has affected the truckers’ lives."

This story was featured on Global News, The Afternoon Edition and CBC Saskatchewan.