MAIS student studies trucker mental health

July 29, 2019
Truck News West
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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies student Morgan Beaudry was featured by Truck News West regarding her research into the mental health effects on truck drivers who have been involved in or witnessed a fatal traffic accident.

Here is an excerpt:

After an incident involving what was reported to be a suicide where a person stepped in front of a transport truck, a Regina, Sask., woman noticed something about how the event was covered by the media.

“What troubled me most is the story seemed to center on the traumatic experience of the people driving by seeing the scene, which was grisly, and the paramedics and first responders at the scene,” said Morgan Beaudry. “They were, of course, traumatized because a suicide by truck is a terrible event.”

Beaudry, who is conducting research for her thesis paper at Royal Roads University for her Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, said little was reported on how the driver was doing following the incident.

“There was one very short paragraph about the trucker that said he was doing fair and wasn’t sleeping well,” Beaudry said, who immediately wanted to know more about the trucker and what kind of support he was getting after being directly involved in a person’s death.

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