Ken Christie on attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities

September 17, 2019
CFAX 1070
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Human Security and Peacebuilding Program Head Prof. Ken Christie spoke with CFAX 1070’s Adam Stirling about the recent attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, and what impact the attacks have on supply , global politics and the economy.

 Here is an excerpt:

"The bottom line is we have been very reliant on the Middle East for our oil, for cheap oil, and it may be time to start thinking about other kinds of energy sources.


What we have to understand is that these attacks on the oil installations in Saudi Arabia are pretty destabilizing for the entire region, and once you have a destabilization in an area as volatile as the Middle East, we have huge political and economic problems for the rest of the world."

The interview aired on CFAX 1070.  Hear the interview.