Hodson on paying for online content

November 27, 2019
Ramona Pringle
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College of Interdisciplinary Studies Assoc. Prof. Jaigris Hodson was interviewed by CBC about what motivates people to pay for online content.

Here is an excerpt:

Jaigris Hodson, an expert in digital culture and professor at Royal Roads University, says, "People don't seem to want to pay for content they feel is abundant or content they can get elsewhere."

Richard Macedo, a student in the master of arts in professional communications program at Royal Roads, studying this topic under the supervision of Hodson, says that from his findings, if you were to start charging for social media or a curation service, it would have to have some unique characteristic that individuals would value enough to be willing to pay for, in light of the multiplicity of media options online.

The article appeared on cbc.ca.