Hodson on Instagram “likes” changes

May 1, 2019
Canadian Press, six publications
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College of Interdisciplinary Studies Assoc. Prof. Jaigris Hodson was interviewed by the Canadian Press regarding Instagram’s test launch to make “likes” private for some users on the social media platform.

Here is an excerpt:

Jaigris Hodson, an associate professor at Royal Roads University in Victoria who researches digital media, said Instagram may even have a financial incentive for concealing like counts from users.

If Instagram claims a monopoly over like counts, [Hodson says,] it can monetize that data to the detriment of entrepreneurs, artists and other ‘mom-and-pop influencers’ looking to leverage their digital reach.

‘(The company says) they want it to be all about the photo and video, and that seems disingenuous to me,’ said Hodson. ‘There are the people for whom seeing the likes might matter for their careers, and now Facebook [which owns Instagram] has completely taken that away.’

This story was first reported by the Canadian Press and appeared in the Times Colonist and five other publications.