Hodson on digital clutter

May 6, 2019
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College of Interdisciplinary Studies Assoc. Prof. Jaigris Hodson was interviewed by cbc.ca about why so many companies offer online subscriptions and how this impacts consumers.

Here is an excerpt:

‘Companies are looking for new ways to monetize. For example, Apple has noticed hardware sales drop over the past few years. And in fact, the ability for them to innovate on the hardware front is getting more and more difficult,’ says Jaigris Hodson, an associate professor at Royal Roads University, whose research specializes in understanding how people interact with digital technologies.

Nonetheless, she wonders, ‘will this be successful in the longer term? I think we may end up seeing subscription fatigue when consumers end up with high monthly bills and don't feel a big enough return is there for them.’

‘We might be paying in excess of $100 per month just to access all the shows we want to see from all of the different platforms.’

This story appeared on cbc.ca.