Hidden gems: B.C.’s top 10 off-the-beaten-path attractions

August 2, 2015
The Province
Paul Luke
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British Columbia’s hidden treasures are an increasing draw for tourists, according to The Province’s travel blog and School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Assistant Prof. Eugene Tomlinson.

The Aug. 2 blog featured rare excursions from mine tours in northern B.C. to swims with seals in Howe Sound.

Here is an excerpt:

Travelers’ hunger for less trodden places is intensifying as social media casts a brighter light on hitherto hidden places, says Eugene Thomlinson, a professor in Royal Roads University’s school of tourism and hospitality management.

At the same time, improvements in transportation such as Squamish’s Sea to Sky Gondola are making these places more accessible, Thomlinson and [Capilano University instructor Greig] Gjerdalen say.

“Some people are explorers,” Thomlinson says. “It’s in their DNA to be curious and want to see something different.”

Climate change is also driving people to see things that may be altered in the future, he says.

Other travelers — Thomlinson is one — say they can’t understand the heart of a place unless they move past its superficial charm.

Attractions don’t have to be remote to qualify, Thomlinson says.

“Tourist destinations such as Victoria have out-of-the-way places that are there for people to explore,” he says.

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