Hatley Castle named one of the world’s top movie tourism destinations

August 23, 2019
The Travel
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Vacation magazine The Travel has named Hatley Castle at Royal Roads University as one of the 10 best movie locations worth visiting.

Here is an excerpt:

Used as the exterior for Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in the X-Men series, Hatley Castle in British Columbia, Canada is an imposing structure that gave off an aura of majesty… Many of the exterior shots for the movies were shot in Canada, with viewers also able to visit Casa Loma in Toronto and Parkwood Estate in Oshawa to see other familiar facades.

…[I]t is possible to walk around the castle and dreamily imagine receiving your invitation to study alongside some of the most memorable characters in comic book movie history.

This story appeared at The Travel, CHEK News and CTV News.