Cox on health product supply chains during pandemic

April 16, 2020
Toronto Star, 19 other publications
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Disaster and emergency management expert Prof. Robin Cox was featured in two Toronto Star articles on why relying on global supply chains for health care products and supplies can be a major risk in the midst of a pandemic.

Here is an excerpt from the April 16 article:

Dr. Robin Cox, a professor at Royal Roads University and director of the school’s Resilience by Design Research Innovation Lab, said COVID-19 pandemic exposes the risk of relying on global supply chains for emergency supplies.

“We’re seeing that in the scramble to get companies to retool. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, (protective equipment), food, many other things — we have become a nation that is heavily reliant on global systems,” Cox said.

“Preparing for future pandemics requires a real shift in mindset and in these interconnecting systems… You need to be able to create these things, and in global crises, you need to have some capacity to create those domestically.”

The stories appeared in the Toronto Star (April 16) and 19 other publications, and in the Toronto Star (April 17).