Cox on children and resilience during COVID-19

April 6, 2020
The Current on CBC Radio
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Disaster and resiliency expert Prof. Robin Cox appeared the CBC Radio’s The Current to discuss how parents can help their children cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

Listen to Prof. Cox’s tips for parents and caregivers.

Here is an excerpt:

We know that young children can revert to earlier behaviours, and become more clingy… Older children may become more cranky and irritable, not want to do things. The signs of stress in children in some ways are not that dissimilar to us. People get less emotional bandwidth; they want more sense of safety and security. Kids may not ask for routines, but really benefit from routines and the safety that provides.


One of the most important things parents can do is try to remain calm themselves. Kids pick up on their parent’s emotional state. Regardless of age, being available to talk… Being able to talk to children in age appropriate ways. Ask them if they have questions.

We often use art and various other creative means to work with young children because it gives them a way to express themselves, processing their emotions, and not have to rely on the words they may not have access to... You can talk to a child about what that picture is. Why the corona monster is scary and what’s scary about that. It provides a way to have that conversation with children in a way that just asking questions may not do that.

This story appeared on The Current, CBC Radio’s national current affairs show.