Christie on border tensions between India and Pakistan

February 27, 2019
CFAX 1070
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School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Ken Christie was interviewed by Adam Stirling on CFAX 1070 about recent border tensions between India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers.

Over the past week, Pakistan has claimed to shoot down two Indian military aircraft after India targeted militants across the Line of Control in the disputed region of Pakistan. On Tuesday, Feb. 26, Air Canada temporarily suspended its flights to India after Pakistan closed its air space.

Christie says tensions have been building in the region over the past year, causing a renewed escalation of violence.

Here is an excerpt:

‘There have always been tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir… Bill Clinton once said Kashmir is the most dangerous place in the world. […]

‘Part of the problem now is both are playing to their domestic audiences. [India has] got an election coming up. They are trying to act tough, trying to say, “Look, we’re protecting you.” On the other hand, Pakistan is saying, “We’re not going to tolerate violations of our airspace.”’

This story first appeared on the Adam Stirling Show on CFAX 1070.