Christie on “yellow vest” movement in France

December 18, 2018
CFAX 1070
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School of Humanitarian Studies Prof. Kenneth Christie was interviewed by Adam Stirling on CFAX 1070 about civil unrest and terrorist activity in France.

Over the past few weeks, demonstrators wearing yellow safety vests have marched in Paris and beyond, protesting increasing costs of housing, fuel and taxes. France has also recently faced a terrorist attack in the famous Christmas market in Strasbourg, unrelated to the protests, with three people killed and 12 wounded.

Christie says the French are sending a message to President Emmanuel Macron to live up to his 2017 campaign promises to improve life for average French citizens.

Here is an excerpt:

“This is a bigger problem than in France. It’s a European problem. It’s why we have the rise of populism to some extent. People are feeling left behind in this technological change and the rising prices... It’s not just about fuel and basic commodities. It’s about the whole situation within the political economy in France. […]

“This is a little bit dangerous, because you have the chance with these groups that there will be violence, and hundreds have been injured in these protests. But also I think the danger of them being infiltrated by extremists or people who are willing to exploit the situation in terms of political opportunism is very high.”

This story first appeared on the Adam Stirling Show on CFAX 1070.